Location Douala, Cameroun


Created in 2006, the APAN (Association for the Promotion of Handicrafts and Nature) was born from the desire of a group of women to set up a platform for the promotion of craftsmanship in Cameroon through various resources provided by nature.

Since its creation, APAN has set itself a set of objectives:

  • Strengthen solidarity between men and women to allow optimal use of natural resources
  • Encourage and develop among unemployed young people the spirit of initiative and creativity focused on the promotion of natural products;
  • Promote crafts and art applied to nature;
  • Support the promotion of women artisans;
  • Raise awareness and support health prevention for artisans;
  • Raise awareness among artisans for the establishment of a synergy between the environment and the development of living conditions for local populations
  • Fight against persistent organic pollutants.